FedEx Third Party Consignee


FedEx Third Party Consignee is a contract service for customers who do not want to reveal the actual commercial value of the shipment to their consignees. This service allows you to send shipments to consignees without a commercial invoice attached, allowing for faster shipments to customers and eliminating additional destination handling and warehouse costs.

The Third Party Consignee service must be added to your account by FedEx prior to shipping.


Supported Services


FedEx International Priority®

FedEx International Priority Freight®


Process a Third Party Consignee Service Shipment

  1. Enter the international shipment information in StarShip.
  2. On the Shipment tab, select "International Priority" or "International Priority Freight" as the Service.

  3. Click the International tab. In the bottom right corner, check the "FedEx® Third Party Consignee" check box.

    Process the shipment.