Example 1: Add a handling fee of $5.00 per shipment


In this example, we set up a shipment level rule where freight is the default rate plus a flat handling fee of $5.00 per shipment.

  1. Create a new rule.

  2. Select "Shipment Freight amount is increased or decreased" and click Next.



  1. Select "increase" and "dollar amount". Enter $5.00 and click Next.



  1. Select "per shipment" and click Next.



  1. At the "When do you want to apply this rule" dialog, select "Always". Then, click Finish.



  1. Next, you must verify the rule you just created. It displays in the Result: field. In this example, there are no conditions set so the Conditions: section is blank. Click OK.



  1. The rule appears in the Freight Rules window.