Data Management Preferences


Data Management Preferences, accessible from Setup > Preferences, allows you to set options for saving and deleting shipment data.






Purge shipments after # of months

Select the number of months after which to delete shipments from the StarShip database. The default setting is 12 months. You can also choose not to purge shipments by selecting "Never."



Purge shipment documents after # months

Select the number of months after which to delete carrier documents, such as FedEx labels and shipping documents, YRC BOL and labels, etc. This includes any printed label that is not created by StarShip.


Note : StarShip will use the time interval selected for the existing “Purge shipments after” setting above until you go into Setup > Preferences and click OK (even if you don't make changes to the General section). As soon as you do this, the setting will be enabled with a default of 3 months.



Keep detailed transaction logs for each shipment

When checked, StarShip will save logs for shipments, which you can view when you open a shipment and select Shipment > View Log. The default setting is unchecked. This setting is mostly used to aid technical support when troubleshooting.



Keep fully backordered items in the shipment

When checked, Starship will not remove line items with a ship quantity of '0" when saving or processing shipments.  The back-ordered items will appear in the shipment. This setting is unchecked by default.

This setting is useful if you want to print back-ordered  items and their quantities on the StarShip Packing List when the shipped quantity is 0.