Close or Downgrade an Endicia Account


When you upgrade to StarShip 15.2 and higher, you can take advantage of discounted USPS pricing, also known as Commercial Plus Pricing or CPP.  With StarShip you gain access to these rates without contracts or minimum shipping volume restrictions. If you had an Endicia account in a previous version, you'll need to create a new Endicia account and either close your current Endicia account or request that it be downgraded to a no monthly fee account.





Downgrade to a No Monthly Fee Account

The no monthly fee account only allows access to the DYMO Stamps software (printing individual stamps vs. shipping labels). It also preserves your account history, which is accessible online at To change to a no monthly fee account, please call 800-576-3279. Select Option 6, and then select Option 3. You will need to answer the challenge question associated with the account.

We recommend downgrading to :

Note : When downgrading, the remaining postage balance will stay on the account ... it will not be refunded or transferred to a different account.



Close the Endicia Account

If you would rather close the account, make sure you do the following prior to completing the steps below.

Important!  Account closure is permanent. Please read this completely before closing your account.


To close the Endicia account


  1. Log in to the Endicia web site with your account number and password here:
  1. Go to the Account Summary page. If you have a DYMO Stamps account, click Close Account. For all other account types, select Update Profile > Close Account.
  2. Click Continue to request account closure.


Postage Balance Refund

When closing the account, the remaining postage balance will be refunded back to the credit card last used to purchase postage. If you haven't purchased postage within 3 months, the balance refund may be mailed to you in the form of a check. Postage balance refunds for postage purchased using direct debit from a checking account will be mailed as a check. It is important to verify that the mailing address on the account is correct before you close the account, in order to avoid delays. The check will be issued to the contact name on the account.


Note: If you have pending refund requests for postage misprints, the account status changes to Pending Close. It will remain with a Pending Close status until all requests have been processed before closing.  If you have outstanding physical refund requests and you will NOT be sending in paperwork for the request to complete the refund process, send an email to and ask that we reject the refund request.  If Endicia does not receive the paperwork, physical refunds will be automatically rejected in 90 days. This means it will take 90 days before your account can close and the unused postage balance refunded to you.


Once all refunds have been processed the account status will change to closed and the unused postage balance is refunded.