Create, rename, or delete an Interface


StarShip comes with a predefined interface called "My Interface" that installs default field maps for your source interface documents, which you can customize. The Interface defines what information populates the shipment fields, and how the data is interpreted into accepted shipment values. A set of field maps and value translations is called an "interface".


If you are setting up multiple companies in StarShip, we often recommend creating a different interface for each companies, especially if you will be mapping to user-defined fields that differ between companies.


To create a new interface:

  1. In Customize Interface, click the New Interface button.


  2. Type in a name for the interface. Select to base the new interface on the default interface for the document or if you want to copy an existing interface. The default interface is not affected by any customizations you may have made to any other interface.


  3. Click OK to create the interface.



To rename an interface

Single-click on the interface name. When a black square appears, type in your changes. Click outside the box when you're done.


To delete an interface, select it and click the Delete Interface button.

Confirm the deletion.